Valentine’s Day Trends in Myanmar: Internet and relations

It is by no means a surprise in the year 2015 that digital age has altogether changed our everyday conduct and therefore the standards of propriety. It would require some other space to talk about the good and bad externalities of this change but internet has surely change the trends observed in Myanmar on Valentine’s Day.

Despite their being major ethnic tensions and an ongoing civil war, Burmese people find some time to exchange some words of love and affection. Internet, which sees no boundaries and seeps into every brain of the society has changed the way people generally celebrate Valentine’s Day. Social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter bring on new ideas to celebrate different occasions. People do lots of shopping related to this event, which they can further utilise on the day. Several online stores like people choose certain and specific gifts which they are looking for. This way they can save a lot of time and money too.

Moreover, the new outfits and collections that big designers and brads put out on the internet urge several people to go and buy that stuff. To be more precise, the first and foremost way in which internet has changed trends in Myanmar is the realisation itself that the day exists. This day was virtually unknown to the larger world almost two decades ago. Only with the arrival and brisk advance of internet, did the world immediately became aware of this global occasion. Burmese people too, couldn’t stop the internet juggernaut and flew away the air.

Myanmar Youth in particular is very conscious of this day. Universities and educational institutions are almost decorated with red coloured objects like heart-shaped balloons etc. Moreover, the bright coloured outfits and dresses go common since the band wagon effect takes over everyone in Myanmar. Some organisations even arrange some sort of contests through the internet in which many people participate.

For example, in one of the contests, people were asked to come up with videos, in which a person will be seen proposing his or her lover. The best proposal and video maker will get a free tour to Paris. People in Myanmar went crazy over this contest.

Since there are many ethnicities mainly on the basis of language live together, they naturally need a national language through which they could communicate. Love is obviously that language. Internet has helped connect the people in true sense. People these days use internet for different purposes. For instance, they can buy women’s clothes and men’s watches etc. just by one click. It is at times through these sort of offers that people are forced to buy into many things and celebrate the day with their loved ones.

It is also no secret that Buddhism is one of the most peaceful and lovely religions of the world. So, Burmese people love to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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