Mrauk U

Shitthaung002Mrauk U is an archaeologically important town in northern Rakhine State, Myanmar. It is also the capital of Mrauk-U Township, a sub region of the Sittwe District. It was the capital of Mrauk U Kingdom, the most important and powerful Rakhine (Arakanese) kingdom, from 1430 to 1785. Mrauk U lies roughly 11 km east of the Kaladan River on the banks of its minor tributaries. The town is located on a small outcrop of the Rakhine Yoma on the eastern side of the Kaladan’s alluvial plain. Thus, the surrounding countryside is hilly yet also contains a great deal of marshes, mangroves and lakes.

Today, Mrauk U is a major archaeological and tourist destination. The main attractions are the temples and ruins around the town. The remains of the main palace roughly form the centre of the town. The most popular mode for tourists to travel to Mrauk U is to take a domestic flight from Yangon to Sittwe and board a boat from Sittwe against the Kaladan River. The hotels in Mrauk U also arrange private boat services to and fro Sittwe.

Mrauk U houses a growing tourist industry, as it has only recently become a reachable tourist destination.
Famous Place In Mrauk U

  • Shite-thaung Temple
  • Htukkanthein Temple
  • Koe-thaung Temple
  • Andaw-thein Ordination Hall
  • Le-myet-hna Temple
  • Ratana-pon
  • Five Man Pagodas
  • Mingala Man Aung Pagoda
  • Ratana Man Aung Pagoda
  • Sakya Man Aung Pagoda
  • Lawka Man Aung Pagoda
  • Zina Man Aung Pagoda
  • Sanda Muni Temple
  • Bandula Kyaung Monastery

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