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The Chin lives in the Northwest border areas or further south in the Rakhine State. Mt.Victoria of 3400 meter high is  the perfect  place for nature lovers. Soft  trekking , butterfly and birds watching are available. Some of the women  there tattoo their faces  completely in  tasteful  designs. But the old  traditional of this tattooing  face still can be seen  in some villages. Their hand woven cotton and silk in traditional designs and colors are collectors items. It is 174 km from Bagan by jeep and roads are still very bad, so this excursion is not recommended for rainy season ( May to October ). As for accommodations, only very simple guesthouses are available, so this excursion is suitable only for the adventurous clients


It is the northern most railway terminal, 919 miles from Yangon and 487 miles from Mandalay. Visitors  can  tour the   Myit Sone  which is  confluence  of  Maykha  and Malikha  streams  Ayeyarwaddy River  the most  useful river  in  Myanmar  has  it’s source from this confluence and flows  1325  miles to the  mouth of the  river.  The water over here is crystal clear. The  panoramic view of the  scenario  at Myit Sone with the  unspoiled beauty  of  nature  is  beyond the  expression of words and will definitely  be  a  fine  attraction to tourists. Different tribes of national races live in harmony  with  their own cultures,  customs  dialects,   dances  and  lifestyles. For mountaineering  enthusiasts,  expeditions  to Mount  Khaka Bo Razi  would  be  an adventure. Myitkyina can be reached by air and which take two and half hours via Mandalay  and  the  flights are operated  irregular. It can be reached by train from Mandalay and it will take 26 hours.


Putao is  another town in Kachin state surrounded by snow-capped mountains. Mt. Khakhaborazi (5889 metres), which is the highest mountain in Myanmar and in Southeast Asia.It is the starting point for Myanmar’s most adventurous trekking adventures.There are also many different ethnic minority tribes in Kachin state.The whole year round and there are many varieties of citrus fruits, grown in the orchards.

Flowing streams and rivulets, straw roofed houses and fences of pebbles and creek stones provide a pleasant, pastoral contrast to the scenes and sights of modern cities

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