U Bein’s Bridge

  • U Pain Tadar Mandalay
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    24 hours daily

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Amarapura biggest draw and easily one of Myanmar’s most photographed sites is this remarkable 1.2 km long teak footbridge leading across the shallow Taungthaman Lake in Myanmar Mandalay division. Still strong after 200 years, the world’s longest teak span sees a lot of life; Myanmar fishers casting aline into the water, locals walking their bicycles home to Taungthaman village across the lake and Myanmar monks in saffron robes carrying alms bowls between Myanmar monasteries on both sides. The best times to visit the Bridge are just after sunrise or just before sunset, when hundreds of villagers commute back and forth across it. A popular sunset activity is hiring Myanmar boats to get close up looks of the 1060 post bridge from the water. In the dry season, however the lake dwindles greatly in size in Mandalay Myanmar.

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