TMW Enterprise

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Overview >> TMW Enterprise Limited is a business unit and parent company of the TMW Group of Companies, which is engaged in business through its six operating segments. It is the private company based in Yangon, Myanmar and incorporated under the Myanmar Companies Act in 1992.

Now, we are dealing and working with almost 300 dealers for Consumer & Professional Electronic goods, Home Appliances, Storage Media & Battery and Tile & Sanitary Wares in nationwide. We are one of the top ten companies in Myanmar and can fulfill all sorts of business needs.

Knowledge, technical innovation and teamwork are at the center of who we are. For more than 20 years, we have focused on leveraging these assets to deliver solutions that improve customer service.

Reflecting our belief that diversity spurs creativity, collaboration, and understanding of customers’ needs, we employ over 800 people of all nationalities working all over Myanmar. Our employees are committed to working with our customers to create the highest level of added value.

Under promise, and over deliver >> Keeping our customers happy is our lifeblood and we strongly rely on word-of-mouth to keep our business strong .

Recognition and Awards >> Over the years, TMW has received many awards from our World Number 1 Partners.  Such designations have recognized TMW both for its reliable solutions and its overall business performance.

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