Shwe Kant Kaw Silk

  • No.475, Pyay Road., 8 Qr., Near TTC, Kamaryut Yangon
  • +95-01-663669
  • Business hours: :
    9:00 am to 5:30 pm every day

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Silk clothing was worn throughout the history of Myanmar but for along time only the royal could afford them. After independence even ordinary people started wearing silk, usually in weddings and other official ceremonies. Making clothes from silk is very labor intensive work and time consuming.

The first Shwe Kant Kaw Silk product established in 1994. Shwe Kant Kaw brand represents the finest legacy of Myanmar style silk clothing and is exporting to markets worldwide.

Wearing Shwe Kant Kaw is proudly showing the Myanmar culture not only in Myanmar but also in the world.

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    Shwe Kant Kaw is proudly showing the Myanmar culture.