Shin Yi Myanmar Real Estate and Trading Co., Ltd

  • No. 709 - 713, Corner of Maha Bandula Road & 18th Street, Latha Township Yangon.
  • +95 9 3175 8880 , +95 9 2580 35866 , +95 9 2580 35877
  • Business hours: :
    9:00 am to 6:00 pm

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Founded in June 2015, Xinyi Real Estate Co., Ltd. is a one-stop service enterprise specializing in real estate development related business. The founders of the company, Yang Yunhai and Zhang Yue, are the young comrades of the same loyalty. They have always adhered to the “credit first, the unshirkable service spirit”. Since the establishment of the company, our service concept has been widely loved and recognized by friends from all over the world.

Our services cover 36 towns and cities in Yangon Province. Our business scope includes street shop, apartment buildings, display sales, villas, office buildings, factories, factories, factories, warehouses, industrial land, setting up company services. We are waiting for the leasing and trading business. After our continuous development and progress, we have established a job with the hot pillow, perfected the service with the cause, and let the service have no distance. We have won the first choice of our customers to come to Yangon, Myanmar for real estate development and investment.

In response to the expansion of business to meet the needs of customers in different regions, we have added service outlets such as the Lanta Asia Industrial Zone Office and the Rapida Industrial Zone Office from the Chinatown office, and our service enthusiasm Efforts can also entrust the business in the Dadu Dry Industrial Zone, the Wadiya Industrial Zone, the Moab Industrial Zone, and even the Bogu Industrial Zone. Today’s faith is inseparable from the support and love of our customers, and the letter of tomorrow will make customers a good bridge for foreign investment in other countries. Xinyi is grateful to you, no matter where you are, where we are.

In Myanmar, the real estate industry in the country of the Thousand Towers, the development prospects of the real estate industry is like the glory of the Yangon Shwedagon Pagoda, the golden light of the four seas. Welcome everyone to come to Myanmar to create new opportunities, choose Xinyi, let you feel at ease.

Company Culture

We are a team full of responsibility and passion for our customers. We believe in learning, innovation, sincere service, and promote win-win, ensuring the fastest time, the best service, and maximizing the needs of our customers. Constantly contribute their own strength in market development and construction.

Our mission

Make the transaction transparent and transparent, so that customers feel at ease;
Let the service be refined and make customers feel intimate;
Choosing Xinyi is worth your peace of mind;

Our vision

Do small things well and make good things bigger;
Make a small company into a big company and a big company into a company of everyone;
Let each transaction be fair and reasonable, and satisfying customers is the mission of Xinyi.

Our core values:

“People-oriented, insist on integrity, change and focus on performance”

Our service concept:

1. A keen grasp of application trends, quickly meet customer needs
2. Customer-centric, beyond customer satisfaction

Our management philosophy:

1. Put talents and talents in the first place
2. Respect and trust every employee
3. Build a learning team to continuously improve the core competitiveness of enterprises and individuals through continuous learning
4. Adhere to principles and emphasize discipline
5. Teamwork and teamwork

Our view of employing people

“The combination of virtue and talent, morality first, meritocracy, talented people”

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