Sakura Car Showroom

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Our Sakura Trade Centre Company was established and entering into Myanmar Automobile Market since in the year 1993. Our main business at that time was importation of brand new , used and reconditioned automobile, accessories and necessary spare parts as representative of Japan Automobile Company.

Then, we assumed sole agent for sale and distribution of Japan Automobile and spare parts for Myanmar market and do business successfully by selling and distributing various brand of auto mobile and spare parts through our sale out lets to every possible states and divisions of Myanmar.

In the year 2009, we expend our company by opening Sakura Auto auction Centre and started providing auto auction services to fulfill customers’ demand.

Firstly, our skill appraisal team carryout following procedures,

1. Make inspection and checking condition and quality of every units

2. Systematically categorize grade and class of the vehicles.

3. Arranged and displayed ready stock of various brands of Automobiles to make choice and purchase easily and conveniently.


Finally, we held auto auction on every weekends and provide one stop shopping service to all our customer. So that, we can guarantee and ensure, our customer for the right quality and right price of the vehicles.

We, Sakura auto centre established our first auto showroom on 25 of December 2011. In accordance with the rules and regulations of road transport administration department system.

Our showroom provide auto sale services as follows,

A. Selling brand new cars at reasonable and affordable prices

B. Selling vehicles imported by consignment system stipulated by Ministry of Commerce.

C. Selling various brands of imported automobiles with intention for our customer to be able to make choice directly and easily for the brand, quality and price as their wish and affordability.

D. Providing auction services to make choices and purchase directly from auto sale centre in Japan by smooth and reliable service arranged by our company.

In case customer, wants to make direct order from our ready stock, reserved in Japan. We can provide our service as customer’s option.

And some other necessary procedures such as applying import license, arranging shipment and custom clearance for the convenience and satisfaction of all our customers.

Therefore, we would like to inform all customers that, we are well efficient, skillful and reliable auto dealer in Myanmar auto mobile market and warmly invite all of you to visit to our company to have a look at the arrangements and services, we have tried our best and prepared to be able to provide efficient and reliable services for the convenience and satisfaction of all our customers.

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