Pro Niti Travel

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Pro Niti Travel is a Myanmar Tour Operator, a team of adventure seekers who are constantly seeking new and exciting destinations within Myanmar to introduce to our foreign guests.

Not only do we search for exciting destinations, but we also uncover truly adventurous experiences to share with our guests. This includes the mountains and it’s colorful hill tribes for which Myanmar is so famous. We meet up with village Chiefs to get their permission to introduce foreign guests to their communities.

We pride ourselves in presenting to guests our rich and diverse culture of the many ethnic groups. It is so rewarding to see our guests foster new friendships with the people of Myanmar, and to one day return to celebrate old friendships.

We explore idyllic beaches and hidden places along the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River where we can create memories for our guests. We play “Indiana Jones” among the ancient ruins and discover interesting facts about our rich history.

At Pro Niti Travel every single guest is treated as a friend, and therefore our service is personal and geared towards the individual, rather than towards large groups.

So, we are your friend in adventure travel across Myanmar. We create adventure and immerse our guests to experience our culture, ethnic diversity, and ancient history. We are professional, so please leave all the planning and execution to us so you can have peace of mind while creating your own treasured memories.

Everything we do is different than the rest and we strive to do that better every day – ethically, responsibly, eco-friendly, innovative and oh so passionately!

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