The Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID)

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As Myanmar continues its democratic transition, developments in the country present unique opportunities for enduring positive change. In this inherently complex environment, a context-relevant, participatory, and integrated approach to development is essential to making the most of these emerging opportunities.

The Myanmar Institute for Integrated Development (MIID) is a non-profit institute based in Yangon, Myanmar. We work in collaboration with government, communities, local CSOs/NGOs, international organizations, and technical specialists to strengthen capacities, governance processes, knowledge bases, and intervention models for integrated development.

Our Mission

MIID aims to promote meaningful participation and inclusion of ethnic communities in Myanmar’s economic, social and political transition by supporting a people-centered and sustainable approach to economic and social development.

Our Values

MIID’s initiatives are guided by a commitment to our core values, providing the basis of how we work, how we engage with others and how we evaluate our impact. We believe in:

Partnership: We believe development that is both sustainable and adaptable requires trust, respect for local knowledge and a commitment to maintaining relationships.

Inclusion: We believe diverse systems are healthy systems, where the best decisions are the ones that are informed by hearing multiple perspectives.

Participation: We believe the people affected by decisions should have a voice in making those decisions.

Gender Equality: We believe people of all genders deserve to have their voice heard and a right to human dignity.

Integration: We believe dynamic and complex problems are best tackled with an integrated approach that recognizes complementarities and interactions between multiple aspects of an issue.

For more information, please visit our Projects and Research page or see our MIID Brochure.

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