Myanmar Highlands Eco Adventure

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Myanmar Hill Lodges, beside owns and operates a couple of comfort lodges mostly in the highland of Shan Plateau and Myanmar Himalaya, offers unique and quality trekking in the highlands of Myanmar like Shan HighlandsChin Highlands, Naga Hills and remote Himalaya of Kachin Highlands.

We provide a full range of activities in those areas from day excursions to weeks long hard-core expeditions. Our Shan Highlands offer you multifaceted landscapes from rice paddy fields, pine forests, tea plantations to enchanting bamboo groves with rolling hills where our Naga Hill wildness trails takes you through hunting trails of the Naga Warriors, used to be the Prominent Heat Hunters.  With our Chin Hill expedition clients will have the opportunity to scale the summit of Mt. Victoria, enjoy the amazing views over the valley and surrounding mountains and experience the authenticity of life style of colorful Chin tribal women wearing different facial tattoo patterns on their face and attractive amber necklaces.

With our Himalayas activities most of our trekking routes take us along ancient hunting and trading paths through dense tropical jungle with longer treks rising into alpine forests and meadows to the glaciated peaks. Using local guides and support staff from these remote areas enables heartwarming cultural interaction which is a big part of what makes trekking in these isolated areas special. We are enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

We’ve bonded together with the common goal of marrying our passion for adventure travel with our expertise to provide the most exotic holiday. We hope that once you have visited, you will share our vision and our passion. Myanmar Hill Lodges comprises with energetic and experienced personnel, who can ensure you your holiday with us will be about adventure, excitement, and a journey through the natural beauty and cultural diversity of some of the planet’s last remote areas.

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