Myanmar Citizens Bank

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  • Company Registration No. (274/1991-92) granted On 30.10.1991
  • Banking License no. Ma Ba Ba/ J (i) -1(5) 1992 granted by Central Bank of Myanmar on 25th of May 1992
  • MCB started its business on 02.06.1992 at No. 383, Maharbandoola Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon
  • The bank have got the license with the registration number, MaBaBa/ PaBa (R), dated 01-08-2016, grated by Central Bank of Myanmar.
  • Accordance with the law of Financial Institutions, number (176). Authorized Capital of Myanmar Citizens Bank Ltd is 75 Billion Kyats and our Paid up Capital is 52 Billion Kyats.
  • MCB was granted the Foreign Exchange Authorized Dealer License by the CBM on 17-8-2012 and became a member of the Society for Worldwide Inter Bank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) on 5 January 2013
  • By connecting with correspondent banks, MCB is currently providing Foreign Currency Current account opening Export/Import Settlements, Cash disbursement, Bank Guarantee, Account transfers and foreign Exchange Market activities to our customers.
  • MCB was granted the money changer license on 24 October 2011 and it has opened money changer counters at Kyauktada Branch, Muse Branch, Mandalay Branch and Dawpon Mini Branch.
  • MCB has offered the Acquiring services for Visa, Master Card since 2014 and issued “Citizens card”, branded of Master Card.
  • MCB listed on Yangon Stock Exchange on 26 August 2016, trades shares.
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