Mya Zedi Pagoda

  • Mya Zedi Pagoda Bagan
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    24 hours daily

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Mya Zedi Pagoda is located in Myinkaba village. Mya Zedi was built by Prince Raja Kumar. son of King Kyansitthar. in the memory of his queen mother.



Next to the Gubyaukgyi stands the gilded Mya Zedi or ‘Emerald Stupa’. A four-sided pillar in a cage between the two monuments bears an inscription consecrating Gubyaukgyi and written in four languages – Pyu. Mon. Old Burmese and Pali. Its linguistic and historical significance is great since it establishes the Pyu as an important cultural influence in early Bagan and relates the chronology of the Bagan kings. The inscription was about the Prince Rajakumar’s feelings towards his father and the choice of the heir to the throne.
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