Mawlamyaine Strand Hotel

  • Strand Road, Mawlamyine Mawlamyine
  • 057-25624, 057-24787
  • Business hours: :
    24 hours daily

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Work on this site began in October 2002 which initially involved clearing derelict buildings land that existed beside and behind the Kaladan mosque. Construction of the building itself began in 2004 on the new northern extension of Strand Rd (Kanna Lan) and was finally completed in late 2011. The hotel is the most luxurious hotel in Mawlamyine with room rates being reasonably priced.
The hotel is situated on the banks of the Thanlwin River with beautiful views of the sunset from its western entrance. The east end of The Strand is located on the busy Lower Main Rd about 200 meters from the Zeigyi, the central market of Mawlamyine.
Facilities include satellite TV, hot and cold showers, air conditioning and wifi.
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