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Loi Hein Co., Ltd is an organization engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing consumer products in Myanmar. Since 1992, Loi Hein has successfully developed international partner’s brands as well as own brands into category leaders. Our consumers are at the heart of everything we do at LHC. By offering high quality products at an affordable price our aim is to make our Myanmar consumers feel good and contribute to their life enjoyment. We believe in brands that create strong emotional bonding with consumers. We conduct our operations with integrity and respect for the many people, organizations and environments our business touches. We are curious and are always looking ahead. We like to learn from the best and believe in growing together in a fair and mutually rewarding way. We move fast and are not afraid of taking risks. We like to win but also have the ability to overcome and rebound from failures. Our appetite for challenge is almost limitless and is characterized by the optimistic, enthusiastic and almost physical desire to grow and take the lead.

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