Learned Advisory Services (Ext. 213)

  • Room 201-B, 1st Floor, Ray World Complex, Bet. 32nd & Zawtika Street Bet. 77th & 78th Street Mandalay
  • (02 ) 09-6806511,09-6806911

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The most important resource of our company is its human resources.

We are a team organized with young and talented people; each of us possessing different qualities in different fields of the job. We are well equipped with the sense of responsibility and the strong gut to overcome every obstacle preventing us to provide the best service for our clients.

U Kyaw Zay Ya @ Joe, our Managing Director and Founder, has established LAS in 2010. He was also the co-founder of Myanmar Search International Services, Co., Ltd and has 4 years of experiences in career counseling. He has helped over 100 students to study in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, UK, United States of America and etc.

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