Koe Htat Gyi Pagoda

  • Bagaya Street, Sanchaung Yangon
  • Business hours: :
    6:00 am to 8:00 pm

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Koe Htat Gyi is located on Bargayar Road. Sanchaung Township. Yangon. The Koe Htat Kyi (or) the nine storey pagoda is another enormous Buddha Image in Yangon. It is a sitting Buddha Image. Koe Htat Kyi is also known as Atula Dipatti Maha Muni Thetkya Image. The image was built in August. 1905. It was built in the 14 acres compound of the Bargayar monastery. The image is a 72 feet sitting image. At the entrance of the hallway. there is a statue of a frog and a snake. A legend says that the frog ate the snake meaning victory and the image was built on this land.

The Koe-Htat-Kyi (or) the nine storey pagoda. is situated on the Bargayar Road. Sanchaung Township. The pagoda houses a 20-meter-high image of a seated Buddha. The iron structure with CGI sheet roof was built in 1905. The pavilion has a nine-tiered roof and hence it is generally referred to as the nine-tiered pagoda. In the past it was a wooded recluse for monks. quiet and peaceful. There are many monasteries. devotional halls and an ordination hall in the compound. You can walk around the image. and will see Buddha images at each corner. At the other side of the image. there a status describing the lives of Buddha.

Around the pagoda are many monasteries. There are also small shops selling beads. books. flowers. candles and other offertories.

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