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  • No.7, U Loo Nee Street, Shwe Maung Ogh Lane, Kyi Myin Dine P.O Yangon
  • (01 ) 211213,210839

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I.M.S Travel & Tours Co.Ltd was founded in 1994 and has been operating tours for customers from both westerners and easterners since then. I.M.S Travel & Tours Co.Ltd has earned its reputation by performing their service always come up to customers’ satisfaction.

Knowing that Myanmar is not only known for culture-based tourism but also has high potentials for nature-based tourism. So, I.M.S has always been looking for the opportunities to promote eco-tourism or introduce other alternative tours such as Ethnic/ Indigenous Tourism, Agro/ Rural Tourism since they are open to community ownership and control.

In order to ensure the contribution of tourism to the development of local communities and the country I.M.S Travel & Tours has been researching and building potentials for some communities for Community-based Eco-tourism for Conservation and Development. I.M.S Travels & Tours Co. Ltd is unique and a pioneer for the CBET in Myanmar. It is the first and only CBET tour operator in Myanmar.

Objective for CBET in Myanmar

I.M.S Travel & Tours is encouraging some communities:

-To conserve natural and cultural resources of some ethnic minority hill tribes.

-To generate economic and other benefits among some communities which are already visited by international tourists

- To provide a quality tourism experience and product with a view to ensure visitors’ satisfaction.

I.M.S Travel & Tours believes that CBET is another potential option for some communities to earn some extra income and other incentive to maintain and promote their traditional culture and language.

Since Myanmar has been attractive to culture tourists because of its rich cultural resources and heritage and there are as many as 135 ethnic groups and I.M.S Travel & Tours wants to make the most of it. There are many ethnic minorities living in remote areas with less opportunity after their unique culture.

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