Green Great Wall Co., Ltd

  • No.469, Kyaing Tone Road, Industrial Zone(1) South Dagon Township, Yangon Myanmar.
  • +95 9 259 445 511, +95 9 970 888 200
  • Business hours: :
    10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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Welcome Our value Customer

Introducing a new way to build walls fast…

The wall panel factory of Green Great Wall Co.,Ltd is located on 5 acres of land at No.469, Kyaing Tone Road, Industrial Zone(1), South Dagon Township of Yangon. The Factory with the capacity of 40 sht per hour was constructed by using German and Chinese Technology in March 2015. The factory currently produces light wall panels (610 * 2440) mm in each size thickness (60mm, 75mm, 90mm and 120mm) and also produces joint cement bag(25 kg) especially to use for installing wall panel.

GGW would like to introduce you a new building material to help you build walls quickly while reducing costs for your building. GGW’s composite light wall panels are light, strong and installation is very fast compared to traditional brick walls. Our wall panels are produced using latest manufacturing technology and machines. Light wall panels are being used by more than 30 countries worldwide for over 10 years and now available to order in Myanmar. Benefits to using GGW Light Wall Panels:

  • Fast installation/ Time saving
  • Light weight- Strong
  • Fireproof
  • Soundproof- Waterproof
  • Reducing outside temperature inside building
  • Ready to paint after installation
  • Flexible room arrangement

Independence of structural beams . (GGW Light Wall Panel doesn’t need structural support beam under floor to install wall.)

Weight Comparison (per sq. ft.):

Brick Wall (using 4-½” brick, plastered): 30 Kg

GGW Light Weight Wall Panels:

  • 60mm: 4.22 Kg
  • 75mm: 5.1 Kg
  • 90mm: 5.48 Kg
  • 120mm: 7.25 Kg

Fireproof Rating (Hours):

  • 60mm: 1.5
  • 75mm: 2.0
  • 90mm: 3.0
  • 120mm: 4.0

Sound Insulation Capacity in the air (in dB):

  • 60mm : 35
  • 75mm : 38
  • 90mm : 40
  • 120mm: 45
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