Green Elephant Restaurants in Yangon

  • Attia Road, Kamaryut Yangon
  • (+95-1) 537 706, 536 498, 09 7315 2300
  • Business hours: :
    9:00 am to 10:00 pm every day

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When Cherie Aung-Khin started her manufacturing business in Yangon, Myanmar, 1993, she found out there were no proper healthy food for her to eat every day, during work hours. In Myanmar, only road side stalls, Chinese and Indian restaurants were available. Being a health conscious person and need to avoid oily food and also avoid suffering from her very sensitive allergies from unclean food, she has to hire a cook to prepare her daily food at her office. All Myanmar people takes a lunch box from home, but, she needs a substantial meal daily to support her very long working hours. She also do not want to eat cold food, spoilt by living too long in Thailand before going back to work at Myanmar.

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