Fly To Asia Travels Service

  • No.278-A, K-4 Street, Myothit (Ka/Kha) Ward, Insein Township, Yangon Myanmar
  • +959 420069678, +959 452216708
  • Business hours: :
    9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Myanmar, The Golden Land, due its self-imposed isolation was a mystery to the people of the world. Now that the veil is lifted, tourists are flooding in and Myanmar has emerged as the tourism hot-spot of South East Asia. Sensing the opportunity, a young entrepreneur, U Hein Zaw Soe, founded the “Fly to Asia travel services Co.,Ltd” in 2013 in order to establish himself as a formidable force in tourism. As a young company we have a monumental takes to overcome the challenges posed by other much more experienced travel agencies.

However, our crew, undaunted by the difficulties, use the company motto “Soaring towards the future”, as the driving force for a better and brighter future ahead. Now even with the a year of experience in tourism under itsbelt, the company is still driving forwardto attain the lofty goals set by U Hein Zaw Soe and keep up with the ever evolving nature of the tourism business. We, the crew of Fly to Asia,invite youto experience our unrivaled services and heartfelt hospitalities to create unforgettable memories of Myanmar.

Welcome to Fly to Asia! Where your dream vacation becomes a reality.

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