CB Bank

  • Corner of Dammazedi road and U Wisara Road, Bahan Yangon
  • +95 - 1-372 646,371 848 ,372 655
  • Business hours: :
    Mon - Fri: 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
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The Bank was first set up as a private, non-public Bank on 21st August 1992 with the permission of the Central Bank of Myanmar under the law of Financial Institutions of Myanmar and under the law of the Central Bank of Myanmar.

Under the permission of the Banking Supervision Committee, the Ministry of Finance and Revenue, dated (24.3.2004) to amalgamate the three banks under guidance to merge the three banks. In the way of merger and acquisition of the Co-operative banks with the Co-operative Bank as the Anchor Bank, the Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association were drawn in alteration and submitted with the approval of the (18/2004) meeting of the Government of the Union of Myanmar, held on (6.5.2004) the Bank was reformed from the private Company to Public Company.On respective receipt of the Certificate of Commence-ment of Business issued on (10.5.2004) by the Department of Investment and Directorate of Companies and license granted on (25.5.2004) by the Central Bank of Myanmar, the Ministry of Finance and Revenue to operate as Commercial Bank and Investment Bank. The Bank started operation since (15.6.2004) as the Co-operative Bank Ltd. (The Public Bank Company Ltd). Thus the Bank came into being to be able to provide more financial services to the public.

Branch Location

  • CB Bank

    23rd Street, Latha Yangon
  • CB Bank

    12th Street, Lanmadaw Yangon
  • CB Bank

    No. Nya(83), Bayint Naung Road, Mayangone Yangon
  • CB Bank

    Saw Bwa Gyi Gone, Pyay Road, Mingaladon Yangon
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