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“Welcome to Cafe’ Napoli and thanks much for visiting.”
Dear Customer…,
Let’s warmly invite to visit Cafe’ Napoli if you want to get a peaceful time with romantic, nice air circulation, clean space, separate feeling with pirvacy, also lovely hospitality and delicious Italian Foods to taste.
Italian Foods such as Pizza, Spaghetti, Lasagne, Gratin & Paella (Spain Fried Rice), Burger, Sandwish, Pork Chop, Salad and many kinds of lovely Coffee & Ice Cream which all are arranged by over 15 years experienced Chef, who built up this Cafe.
Another special interest point, Cafe’ Napoli has two separate rooms. One can cover up 25 to 30 people and another can cover 10 people. The main room cover 40 people. If you want to feel outdoor feeling, that’s OK in this Cafe’. We would like to recommand for celebrating small parties like as Birthday Parties and Friendship Parties.
About 70 customers can spend their precious time at a time.
How about the PRICE?
We can give the grantee for a reasonable price. You never feel & think that our price is high. Because if we try our best for your valuable time and money.
All are not just word
We do warmly invite all of Old & New Customer who love Italian Foods and want to taste how is Italian Food to Cafe’ Napoli.
Our intention is wanting to serve all customers with Delicious & Healthy Foods togher doing business with our Lovely Cooking Hobby.
Kyi Soe
Cafe’ Napoli
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