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  • Mahabandoola Garden Street, Kyauktada Yangon
  • 95-1- 380 900, 386 567
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Access Spectrum Co., Ltd. provides innovative Information and Communication Technology (ICT)solutions to enhance individuals, small and mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises to successful in planning, employing and managing their IT infrastructure with a broad range of computer products, network appliances, service and solutions designed to fulfill customer needs.

Network & Security solutions are one of our strengths, protecting our customers’ valuable investment on the ICT system and data, which is vital to their organizations.

Information & Communication Technology (ICT) is the key driver of new evolution technology era. Today’s leading organizations are transforming their business strategies and processes to take advantage of the internet and facilitate information exchange online.

Myanmar has unleashed intranet and internet to fulfill specific functional requirements of an organization: mail, file, web, e-commerce and video/audio conferencing services. Resulting benefits to organizations include reduced costs of information distribution and increased online data services.Information Technology was a strategic and competitive advantage for organization for years due to its accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. Now ICT becomes ubiquitous component of organizational architecture and substantial investment for both small and large organizations since recent advancement in communication infrastructure and internet applications. Moreover, ICT is the only part that deals with any other parts of the organization.

Managing the ICT infrastructure from the business perspective becomes one of the core factors to successful integration of information & communication technology. As a result, organizations will have to cope with the problems that might encounter before and after the ICT deployment. However, availability, performance, business priority and downtime can often cost company’s time and money.

In order to meet these challenges our approach is to help organizations plan a successful ICT deployment first – the blueprint for what one needs to do to add value of ICT to business. Then, to smoothly run the information system, our support services proactively monitor performance and detect problems, quickly response and restore in case of failure to minimize impact to business operations.

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