Touch: Myanmar & Korea Art Exchange Project in New Zero Art Space

  • Business hours: :
    30 Jul 2013 9:30am - 30 Jul 2013 5:30pm
  • 202, 2nd Floor, United Condo, Alan Pya Pagoda Street, Dagon Yangon


Arts are especially representing culture of the people and of course their lives, needs and desires. And some are focusing upon transition of the country’s political issues, crises, rights and also based on the concept of being in unseen and unexpected changing of the Myanmar Democracy waves. Myanmar and S. Korea are considered that they have similar history. Both countries have colonial memory and similar political situation. So with this project both countries artists can learn many things from each other. We can learn differences, similarities, feelings, desires, attitudes of the life and some many things from each other. During the 25 days residency project in New Zero Art Space even though 25 days are not enough to know each other but artists can start to touch each other with art.

Releasing apart from every differences and distances, art is arise by the touch of souls inside. Touch will bring you not to Asia, not to Europe but to an artistic soul. “Touch” is by the artists from Korea and Myanmar. We can say, they are different as they are from different countries. And we can say, they are same as they all are from Asia and they all are artists. However, works of art are representing not for being differences but for seeing each other. It is happening just by the touch of art.
Curators of the Exhibition
Seo Juno,Kang Sang-hoon and Haymann Oo

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