Asia Energy Supply & Service Co., Ltd

  • Room No. 108, Bayintnaung Tower II/B, Kamaryut Yangon
  • +959-43056626, +959-43020012, +959-49400256
  • Business hours: :
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm
Special Offers

ACCESS can offer you

  •  Updated project Information 
  • Describe future project lists
  • Long term pricing & project strategy 
  • Product and engineering consultancy 
  • Professional/Customized projectmanagement and logistic services
  • Avaliability of extensive technical and engineerig support and advice 
  • Processing & sub-contracting solution
  • Lobby

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Asia Energy Supply & Service Co., Ltd is the first privately owned Myanmar Company to conduct business as a supply and service conductor in the Oil and Gas sector of Myanmar in 2010. We are specializing in turkey execution of Oil and Gas and other energy related Industrial plants. We works closely with operators, contractors and regulatory authorities in the offshore oil and gas industry in Myanmar. 

To cater varying needs of Offshore Oil and Gas Exploration and Production activities, Asia Energy Supply & Service Co., Ltd has already partnered with internationally-renowned manufacturers and services providers who are the leaders in their respective areas of specialization. Together with these partners, we are already providing products and services to offshore oil and gas operations in Myanmar.

In order to fulfill our commitment to become a comprehensive business partner for operators and contractors in Myanmar, we are currently looking for partnership opportunities with manufacturers and service providers of good standing and reputation in the industry.

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